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Topic: Hyper-Threading

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    I heard from a Tascam support person the other day that version 3.12 of Giga supports hyperthreading. Does anyone know if turning hyperthreading on makes any difference in terms of speed, memory capacity, etc? If not, I'll leave it off.



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    Re: Hyper-Threading

    Not for GS itself. Do you have XP Pro? If so, it might help the OS in a very small way.

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    Re: Hyper-Threading

    HT will benefit you if you're running lots of VST plugs in Gigastudio.

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    Re: Hyper-Threading

    Hi , I make same tests , if you runnings Gs3 alone without Gigapulses , it's better to disable hyper

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    Re: Hyper-Threading

    Back when GS3 first came out, we were told to disable Hyperthreading ...It's been an issue all along whereby some say it's OK to enable , and others say NO.....I have left it disabled since the beginning and haven't gone back to it

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    Re: Hyper-Threading

    I have tried HT a couple of times and all I get is hung notes; it is now disabled until TASCAM comes up with an answer.
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