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Topic: Animated Series Sound Library

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    Animated Series Sound Library

    Im looking for some suggestions for some sound effects libraries for an animated series. The on particular series is based around 2 birds as the main characters. Ive looked at the 3 animated libraries at hollywood edge. Is there any others to mention?

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    I'd check all the other mainstream libraries, too, although for an animated series I'd perhaps be more inclined to forego the natural SFX libraries, and create an original palette of sounds based on the characters...

    Sounds like a lot of fun!!

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    Don't get the Hollywood Edge Cartoon set. I have it and it's not as good as the Sound Ideas animated sets.

    I recommend the Hanna Barbera or Warner Brothers cartoon sets. Both sets are 4 or 5 CDs each and are the classic sounds, as well as a bunch of pretty good utilitarian type stuff. Both are sold by Sound Ideas

    - Mike Greene

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    I don't know that I'd get near the Hanna Barbera or Warner Brothers sets. They are so tied to their original uses!! It would be very hard to mangle them beyond recognition, they are so widely known. I have the HB set, and it was the worst buying decision I've ever made. The minute you use one of those sounds, your mind goes straight to Fred Flintstone, or the Jetsons, or Snagglepuss, or whatever the original use was.

    It seems to me if you're doing animation as a sound designer, that you would want to create most of it yourself. The bar is higher to clear with animation than with live-human productions, since there is no concept of natural sound in animation. I've only done one, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Also, make sure you're buying content that's licensed for actual commercial use. There's been a lot of stuff put out for private/home use (including the famous libraries mentioned) that has a stipulation regarding the content not being used commercially (i.e. it's for your home video productions).

    Lee Blaske
    From SI's License PDF:

    iNo additional fees are required when any Sound Ideas royalty free product is used in accordance with the following permitted uses.
    You can synchronize the audio content from any Sound Ideas royalty free product with audio and/or visual productions or applications such as • films • training and marketing presentations • corporate videos • on hold messages • radio presentations or commercials • television presentations or commercials • musical recordings • Web pages • interactive programs • computer games •
    audio-visual or computer generated displays, programs or presentations which may incorporate streaming audio or podcasts. You may create copies of your audio and/or visual productions or applications which contain synchronized audio content from any Sound Ideas royalty free product, however, if you require more than 10,000 copies please advise Sound Ideas since additional licensing may be required.

    But I'm with Bruce- I wouldn't use anything that connected my new original animation to Fred Flintstone. Personally, I think it's fun to create sounds like that, getting out a mic and going for it just like they did back in the day, but you might not have the time or desire, I realise...

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    It depends a lot on your approach to sound design, but since you are asking about libraries I guess we can narrow it down a bit<G>...

    I use a handful of commercial libraries, my favorites are probably the BBC and HB libraries, but I also use a lot of my own sounds, stuff I collect or stuff I generate with synthesizers.

    I like the BBC library because I live in the US, and it is very "continental." That means I am starting with sounds that may not be immediately recognizable to folks in my neighborhood.

    I like the HB library because, well, because it is so recognizable. I have just sat and listened to it, it's a blast. I think (and I may be wrong) that the familiarity makes it a little easier to manipulate than the WB stuff. I haven't tried any of the other animation sound sets.

    Bruce is right about it being instant recognition though, it is uncanny. This may also mean I spent too much time watching cartoons as a kid!

    This past summer I did a sound design for a live theatrical production, and I needed sounds of cars on gravel, arriving leaving, etc. I used some of the Fred Flinstone "car" sounds and it worked beautifully. Of course it was mixed in with a bunch of other stuff, and no one said hey, isn't that from the Flintstones? So it can be done.

    Bruce is also right that sound design for animation is really challenging, and a lot of work. I too have done only one, and I haven't decided whether or not I want to do a second<G>!

    You probably already know this, but if you are going to start with a library then I'd also suggest a really good sound mangling plugin set. The Waves library of plugins was once my mainstay, but I've become sufficiently annoyed with them over the years that I've finally started replacing them. Izotope's Spectron has become one of my new favorites!

    A conventional audio editor is also quite handy, but then you knew that too!

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    Thanks Lee, that's very interesting since i order strings/brass bundle from Sonic Implants today, any idee how mutch it cost past that 10 000 copies?
    I would really like to know that and is it the same whit VSL.

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    Sound Ideas, Geronimo, not Sonic Implants.

    But you should buy Sound Ideas and then shout out the window that the pop guns are out of tune.

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    Is it a jock or an insult , cuas it sounds like a insult from here.

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    Re: Animated Series Sound Library

    It's a jock insult.

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