I'm in the process of importing some gig files and converting them into Kontakt 2 format. I did a bulk conversion and am now going through and correcting some instruments - specifically the "sustain" portion of the AHDSR envelope

After I modify an instrument I go to the Save menu and save the modification, overwriting the original .nki file. I then immeditally try to close the instrument but get the message "Really Remove? (changes will be lost) "
when I reload the instrument, the changes I made are not there.

I then discovered ithat Kontakt is either adding/changing a underscore or a (.) dot or visa versa to part of a file name

Example My original file was named

1st Vln Basic KS Comb lite (C2-D#2).nki

Now after trying to save the file several times I've got two additional files

1st Vln Basic KS. Comb lite (C2-D#2).nki and
1st Vln Basic KS_ Comb lite (C2-D#2).nki

I did NOT manually rename these files-Kontakt somehow did it in the save process.

I seem to remember a similar problem with a BelaD Giovani file but can't remember exactly what the issue was or how resolved-and can't find the original info.
Ianyone else see this? - any fix?