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Topic: Sample editor softwares ..?

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    Sample editor softwares ..?

    I wonder if there are any useful all-round sample editors around out there?

    Even though many people doesn’t seem to tweak the samples or build their own 'patches' out of their sounds too often, I’m sure that most of us here does some adjustments to them every once in a while. Myself I tend to build my own ‘patches’ more often than use the ‘patches’ that comes with the lib.

    A sample editor – or ‘patch editor’ in lack of a better description – would be a great help in doing this; no matter if you just like to tweak a parameter a notch every once in a while or if you like to get your hands dirty.

    I used to use Gigastudio, but turned towards Halion which I still use today. Some consider Halion to be a step down from GS and I can understand why, but for my needs I’ve been doing better with Halion ..

    .. besides of one thing from the giga-world which I miss alot: the GS sample editor. That sample editor is really good. A major drawback however – for me – is you need Gigastudio to preview the changes, or patches in them selves. You can only save to giga format but since most software sample players or samplers imports GS files just fine that’s not any major issue. Anyone familiar with Halion knows how easy or intuitive it is to edit the parameters in that interface: not very.

    I’m wondering if anybody has thought of this …. need, and if there possible are any kind of sample editors out there (universal swiss army knives or not), hopefully in the same class as the GS editor?
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    Re: Sample editor softwares ..?

    I'm pretty happy with the Kontakt editing interface, myself. It can import from Giga (as well as pretty much everything else), but can only export in its own format. If you have something like Chicken Systems translator, you should be able to convert from a monolithic .nki to whatever else you want.... or you could just use the samples via Kontakt.

    Its main advantage, in my opinion, is simply the fact that the editor and the player are one and the same. So if you're the type to tweak a lot (eg. in this particular song, the strings need a slightly longer attack), Kontakt works really well. Using it as a plugin will save all your tweaks with the song itself too, so you can really dig in and change whatever you want in order to fit the bill each time. It also conveniently links up with any external wave editor program, if you wanna edit the .wav samples themselves in some capacity.
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