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Topic: yamaha CS ignored by RMX problem

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    yamaha CS ignored by RMX problem

    on the odd chance that anyone might go, "hey dummy, it's THIS..."
    I'm finally getting around to MIDI learn-in' and while the knobs (KN's) on my motif es8 are immediately learned, the sliders (CS's) aren't.
    Logic sees cc67 off the sliders, but RMX won't learn it.

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    Re: yamaha CS ignored by RMX problem

    Make sure logic is set to pass all controllers to plug-ins....older versions used a different behaviour than this and that's likely the problem.

    Look under the Preferences for MIDI in Logic.

    You can trouble shoot this in RMX by setting the value display to show "MIDI CC" and then you can see what it's receiving from Logic.

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