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Topic: Metamorphosis - for Harp

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    Metamorphosis - for Harp

    Hey folks,

    So busy with music for my senior recital! Well, I'm currently plugging through a harp suite that I've already posted one movement from. It was the 2nd movement, Memories.

    What I have today is the 1st movement, which I've called Metamorphosis. In fact, all of the movements I've decided to begin with the letter M... And the overall title for the suite is "Membrane Melodies," as I thought it would be suiting to the content of all three movements

    This movement was written for the Celtic harp, so its range doesn't dive nearly as deep as the second, which was for the standard Orchestral Harp.

    Content-wise, I chose to use a scale of minor with a major 3rd. Since the celtic harp is an instrument that can't transpose unless you retune it, it was a great challenge to be restricted to one scale and its modes. I attempted a lot of playing with expectations in the continual evolution of a melody.

    The concept of metamorphosis, the title, plays into the melodic content of the piece. While the 2nd movement features its chord progression as the main focus, this 1st revolves around the melody. Every time the melody is repeated, a different series of chords or bass notes are played underneith. As a result, the melody begins to transform. In the middle section, I introduce what seems to be a completely new melody. But in fact, it is based on a chord progression taken from the notes of the primary melody played in octaves in the left hand. The second melody is therefore extracted from the first, and then in the final repetition is played alongside the original melody as a second voice and series of bass notes to complete the transformation.

    1. Metamorphosis


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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    I enjoyed the nice relaxing mood presented by the harp in "Metamorphosis". Well done compostionally, especially considering the constraints of the Celtic harp. Congrats
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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    Wow! Spectacular job on this, both compositionally and in rendering, Leif, truly -- fascinating composition! Listened through this a number of times with much pleasure and admiration...



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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    Nice Work!

    wonderfully melodic, and relaxing!
    .. and A Great use of the harp as well. sounds true to the instrument.

    nice work indeed!


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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    This is really wonderful. Contemporary, yet with a tip of the hat to the folk roots of the instrument, I think. A masterful exploration of a single modality. Congrats.

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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    Excellent writing Leif. You have created a beautiful work here.
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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    Doesn't the harp sound beautiful? Great work, I love the music you have achieved here! Personally, I find it easy to be constrained to one scale, so the celtic harp sounds like my kind of instrument Wonderful harp writing, I look forward to the next movements!
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    Re: Metamorphosis - for Harp

    This is a great piece. A wonderful exploration of this "devine" instrument's color.
    Kind Regards

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