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Topic: Help creating a Xfade patch?

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    Help creating a Xfade patch?

    I have a violin patch that has 3 dynamic layers that currently trigger via velocity. I would like to simply switch the patch to not trigger samples via velocity, but via the mod wheel, making a Mod wheel xfade patch.
    I'm not very proficiant in Kontakt (or with spelling). I'm heavy EXS24 guy, and to do this is literally 2 little clicks and 5 seconds. I'm hoping this is equally simple in K2....

    Can anyone help me, or point me to a step by step already posted? (did a search and couldn't find anything).


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    Re: Help creating a Xfade patch?

    If all the velocity layers are assigned to one group, you will have to separate the layers into separate groups. In the Mapping window, drag to select each layer. Then Edit - Assign to new group. Do this to each layer in turn. Also edit the velocity ranges of each layer to respond to the full range. Now you will have 3 groups, one for each velocity level.

    For each group, in the Amplitude Modulation section, select Midi CC 1 for mod wheel. To the right of the amount slider is a button to open a scaling window. In the scaling window there are presets available for Linear Fade 3 low, med, and high. Assign each fade preset to the correct group in turn. That should do it.
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    Re: Help creating a Xfade patch?

    That's alot of info and is sorta blowing my mind, but I'm going to try it.

    Thank you!

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