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Topic: No sound...

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    No sound...

    Hi guys,

    Completely new to this.

    I'm not getting any sound at all in Finale. Not even with the default sounds.

    Also, all I can hear in the Garritan Stand Alone Player is a piano sound. No matter which instrument I load, all I hear is piano.

    I'm thinking this is more of a system setup thing, than a software thing. Is there something I need to install? I have a brand new (plugged it in 20 minutes ago) sound card (new, but outdated, had to go cheap). Its a Turtle Beach Riviera.



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    Re: No sound...

    Sorry, I don't see a way of editing threads...

    I needed to add that I HAVE downloaded ASIO4ALL. I've installed it and set as the midi output in the Garritan audio settings. Still not hearing the instruments though...

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    Re: No sound...

    Quote Originally Posted by ian80
    Hi guys,

    Completely new to this.

    I'm not getting any sound at all in Finale. Not even with the default sounds.


    Are you using Finale 2006 or an earlier version? If 2006, make sure you download the 2006c update to be able to use JBB. And read the HP/GPO tutorial document that's included. You'll find it with the other PDF help files. Much of the GPO information will apply to JBB also.


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    Re: No sound...

    Thanks for the reply!

    I was a little quick to post...all I needed was Finale 2006c. Sorry about that, but you know how it is when you get a new toy and want to play with it right away.

    I'm still having problems with my sound card. Well, less with card and more with just understanding it. Like I said, I have a cheap Turtle Beach Riviera. To my knowledge (how do I go about figuring this out?), it doesn't have ASIO driver support. So, I am using ASIO4ALL. Or at least I think I am. When Garritan opens on its own, I have it set to Asio4all. However, I cannot find an ASIO4ALL option anywhere in Finale. So I'm not sure if I'm even using the driver while in Finale.

    Anyway, I have Garritan making sound now, so that's good. Basically, I am still having lacency problems though. I've tried my best to tweak it using asio4all, but it is still a problem. Also, the volume of the midi is really low (I can turn the speakers up, but then Windows plays a sound and it explodes my eardrums). Is there a better way to set things up? Or am I pretty much stuck with latency and low-level sound with my card.


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