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Topic: RMX Sound Menus disappear

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    RMX Sound Menus disappear

    Hello again! jeje

    Now I've a problem with RMX 1.5 library. The Sound Menus tools have disappear, i mean, it stay there but it hasn't got midi info for playing and drag&dropping.

    I've tried to rewrite the Sound Menus.db and Kit Modules.db from original DVDs, and reinstall RMX 1.5 update, but without solution.

    What's happening in my Stylus? How can I fix it?
    PD: I use Logic 7.1.1 and RMX, nothing more.


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    Re: RMX Sound Menus disappear

    Have you used the Sound Menus before?

    You know they don't have MIDI info at all....right?

    Do a search in the Reference Guide for "Sound Menus" and this will help your understand of them a lot!

    (Utility Menu/Help)

    spectrum :-)

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    Re: RMX Sound Menus disappear

    Oups! What a shame!!
    I saw all video tutorials but i didn't remember that.
    Wonderful Sounds!

    Sorry and thanks!

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