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Topic: Feature Request

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    Feature Request

    (Hoping this is the right place to post this...)

    I wanted to simulate a small violin pizz section today using GPO's solo violins (3 different players, all on one MIDI channel). Understandably, the audio files for these pizz samples are truncated very close/right on the attack. So playing all three samples simultaneously resulted in a sound that sounded like a single player. Again, perfectly understandable.

    But as we know, getting two, three, or any number of real violinists to play a pizz part perfectly in sync never happens, and actually, the imperfect sync between pizzing players creates the characteristic sound of a pizz section, regardless of the number of players.

    So I was wondering if, one of these days, it would be possible to create (or amend the programming of) the existing solo pizz instruments to allow for more realistic sounding sections:

    My suggestion is to add a random delay time parameter (150ms maximum would be more than enough) to each of the solo pizz instruments to delay the onset of the note-on. In the 3-player setup I described above, I envision Instrument #1 having zero random delay (it would always play in time) and for Instruments #2 and #3 I'd set differing amounts of random delay. The smaller the delay amount, the tighter the section. Comical effects could be achieved by setting longer random delay times.

    But however much random delay time was dialed in, the delay time should be internally limited so as to rarely, or perhaps never, reach zero ms. (this way there will always be some significant amount of delay between players).

    Would this be possible one of these days?



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    Re: Feature Request

    Hi orkguy,

    What is the reason you don't want to use separate MIDI channels? If you were to do that, you can just set the humanize function in your DAW to separate the players.

    GOS has different articulations of pizz, from dead on to very loose. I hate the loose articulation, since it reminds me of an elementary school orchestra, and I've heard way too many of those.

    It's a good question. Perhaps something like that will appear in GPOA, coming later this year.


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    Re: Feature Request

    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Garrett
    What is the reason you don't want to use separate MIDI channels? If you were to do that, you can just set the humanize function in your DAW to separate the players.
    Thanks for your reply!

    I should have been a little more specific -- I had written a unison part for the violins (for which I wanted the out-of-perfect-sync character). Were the part to have multi-part double-stops or if the section were playing harmonies I would have used multiple channels.

    I use Logic, and for me it takes too long to set up randomizations (the Transform Window is all a bit too tweezy). While I was writing the part with GPO and not getting the effect I wanted from my multi-player setup -- and after I figured out why (duh!) -- I was reminded of a pizzicato program I wrote for the Korg Oasys STR-1 factory patches, using essentially the same technique I described. Thought it might be cool to have that kind of control with GPO.

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