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Topic: Trumpet falls and specials

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    Trumpet falls and specials

    Hi...just stated working with JABB and under somewhat of a deadline with a recording that needs to feature Broadway style brass playing (actually the reason I purchased this so hoping for the best)
    Couple of questions please...
    Firstly...will the update change anything special related to the brass in terms of performance of falls and special articulations such as doits and kisses?
    Also..trying to understand a practical way to make the falls and special articulations work for me...
    A bit confused on using controller #'s to get at these....yes can enter the cc#'s in my sequencer(logic)...but is that the only way to actually let's say get at creating a fall?
    Sorry to be long winded here but really need to understand this....
    Looking for a way to not have to edit all of the articualtions once played in....
    Is it possible to set up a pedal to send cc info and have the sample act in the same way as a key switch...
    Just a thought ...but would have really liked to see these special articulations especially the falls as a key switch as it's a pretty typical thing to expect of a "jazz" player....also hoping to gain some insight as to creating that "lead" player sound....very intereted in exploring the extended high range of a lead player ...does this exhist....?...also one observation in the positive....having used a ton of sample libraries in the past do appreciate the community atmosphere I see from the tone of the manual to this forum.
    Nice to know that there are musicians who seem to be great people helping one another....truly about making music rather than the music business...refreshing.
    I know that brass in general is a bear to try and emulate but hoping that perhaps the collective knowledge here might help to bring things to light(at least for me!)
    All for now and look forward to ideas to get on track here.
    Thanks with regards,

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    Re: Trumpet falls and specials

    The update doesn't change the functionality of the release sounds, just clarifies the value ranges in the documentation.

    Do you have a keyboard controller that will allow you to assign a button or knob to the CC values for the release articulations?

    If not, can you use MFX plugins? (Cakewalk products and recent Cubase offerings) This could let you adapt another controller for this purpose.

    Otherwise, I could write something to allow you to assign keyswitches to send the controller values. (I imagine that will probably be happening anyway!)

    - m
    Free MFX and other plugins: http://www.TenCrazy.com/
    Markleford's music: http://www.markleford.com/music/

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    Re: Trumpet falls and specials

    thanks for the thoughts Markleford...
    I spent a full day trying to work this out and am totally impressed with the trumpet cc set up...using a Kurzweil K 2500 (with sliders)and assigned sliders to various cc 3's and play the effects in real time...very scary!
    trying to understand Tom's shakes tutorial but really feel that a key switch for a basic shake would help us out a great deal....perhaps just an ocatave in the the last register would be perfect.
    look forward to sharing

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