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Topic: No save?

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    No save?

    Is it really true that there is no save function in JABB...if you do not have the latest version of Kontakt proper?...even QLSO silver has that...so we have to re-load individual instruments each time in stand alone mode?
    Plan on using on a seperate computer and see the need for a save feature

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    Re: No save?

    Native Instruments determines which features are made available to developers for their players. The Kontakt player is different than the Kompakt player used by some other developers in the type of features offered. We chose the Kontakt player because it allowed us to use all of the programming features of the full Kontakt, whereas the Kompakt player did not. Native Instruments may add the "save" feature in the future but that is up to them.

    The best way to deal with repeatable combinations of instruments is to create custom templates in your sequencer or notation program of choice. This also has the advantage of allowing you to setup many more things like default levels, panning, aux sends, reverb preferences, track labels, midi assignments, etc.


    P.S. Forgot to add that if you use a separate computer for JABB one way to address the plugin from a sequencer template is by using a program like FX Teleport for computer-to-computer communication. Song files can be saved with the pathways, across a network, intact.

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    Re: No save?

    thanks Tom...I'll look into FX teleport...but in the meantime highly suggest a save function for stand alone mode to keep us from making this work with a big notebook next to it!...appreciate the programming issue with kontakt vs. kompakt and yes see why NI might not want to give you a save and still keep the cost issue to the end user down...perhaps just being able to save multis only would be a great help to keep templates clear without having to use crazy workarounds (in stand alone)
    BTW...spent some time with the program and cc changes amand am totally knocked out with your work!
    Well done...I know it's a work in progress and do appreciate the communication

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