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Topic: VSL Concert Guitar & K2

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    VSL Concert Guitar & K2

    anyone experience of these two working together? Is the performance tool still required??

    Also, I heard the Concert Guitar is a bit crazy to get your head around if you want a complete guitar part, - something like 24 seperate performance patches open at any given time. Is this anywhere near accurate?


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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar & K2

    You are a happy camper if you use VSL libraries with K2.

    Say goodbye to the Performance Tool, no need for it anymore....

    24 articulations? You must have a real complicated piece there!!

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    Re: VSL Concert Guitar & K2

    Thanks. I'm interested in why they reccommend a fast external hard-drive as I presumed that neither FW400 or USB-2 have sufficient band-width to make use of a 7200 drive.
    Is that correct. Has anyone achieved significant gains in performance this way?

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