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Topic: How to remove one velocity layer?

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    How to remove one velocity layer?

    I'm having trouble making a fairly simple edit with the Giga Instrument Editor, and was hoping someone could help me out.

    I want to remove one velocity layer of an instrument. (Specifically in this case, the lowest dynamic of the VSL staccato violins.) That is, when I play a note with a low velocity, I'd like to hear the mezzo-forte sample play quietly, rather than the piano/pianissimo sample.

    I've figured out how to make this edit for a single note on the keyboard, but can't figure out how to apply this change across all notes. (I guess in Giga parlance this would be "across all dimensions").

    Also, can this be done in QuickEdit?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: How to remove one velocity layer?

    It's actually across all "regions".

    Try selecting all of the notes underneath the keyboard and then doing the edit.

    I'm not at my GS3 machine, and I don't have VSL, so I can't offer more detail. Sorry.


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    Re: How to remove one velocity layer?

    Don't know about in quick edit, but it is very easy in the editor. Don't need gigastudio itself, just start the editor, load the gig file containing your instrument. Select the instrument, right click, choose "duplicate instrument" (then you'll be working on a copy, so won't hurt the original). Select the duplicated instrument. At the bottom center of the editor screens are two icons for "locking" regions, where it says "select lock". Click the one on the right once or twice, so that the regions (top right of screen) are all highlighted (yellow). Click the white triangle, near center left of screen, probably labelled "velocity". Select the first (highest) region under "split name", click "delete". Close that dialog, with "OK", then right-click the duplicated instrument you've just edited and give it a new name if you care to, and new bank/instrument numbers. Save the gig file. Close the editor. Open gigastudio and rebuild your quicksound database (if you had been working in the editor, started from within gigastudio, this may not be necessary .. but it can be a little unpredictable doing it that way).

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    Re: How to remove one velocity layer?

    Excellent. Thanks very much!


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