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Topic: midi keyboard controlers

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    midi keyboard controlers


    I have some basic questions about midi keyboard controllers - They have probably been asked before, but this forum won't let me search on CME or 61 or 76 or 88 so here are my questions:

    1) I'm thinking of going from 76 keys to 61 - Dose anyone know if the main Orchestra samples libraries (EWQL Gold, VLS, GPO, ect.) will work with 61 keys - With out me having to re-map the keyswitches and stuff?

    2) Has anyone used a CME controller? I heard they feel like a Yamaha Motif - can anyone confirm this for me? I like the feel of a Yamaha Motif and a Korg Trinity - They are not too heavy like hammer-weighted controllers, but they are not too "sponge-like" as all the other synth controllers are.

    3) Can anyone offer an opinion as to what it is like to work with 61 keys?

    Thank you for all opinions

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    Re: midi keyboard controlers

    I recently purchased a cme 88 key controller, and i couldn't be happier-- it just feels amazing, and it's the same now as it was when i purchased it two months ago (nothing broken, feels just as good)-- i definitely recommend it, and it's pretty inexpensive for what you're getting-- as far as working from 61-keys, it's not too bad, when u have a patch that contains notes above or below the 61 u just transpose down or up an octave, it's very simple-- just u lose out when it comes to piano software, because then it's kinda nice to have all 88 keys at once-- but for orchestral stuff it's definitely doable with just 61 keys ( also, i think the 61 key version is only semi-weighted, so it has a different feel than the 88)

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    Re: midi keyboard controlers

    Thanks for the feedback!
    In case anyone else is paying attention I will report that I just got a CME 61 note controller - It does not feel like a Motif/Trinity. The keys don't "slam" down with a click - Like on those keyboards. They are sharp-edged, resistant and "mush" down - more like a Roland and the others, but a bit heavier. The black keys are especially mushy. I still think it is a good controller though - looks solid and I love the features - I will just have to get used to it because there really isn't much else to choose from in the way of "synth -weighted" controllers. For what it's worth I might add that when I was in the store I tried the new 88 key from M-Audio. It is so bad that it would not surprise me if they re-called it. Feels like a toy - The people who worked there and the other customers thought so as well.

    Thanks again for the response

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    Re: midi keyboard controlers

    u are so right by the way about the m-audio-- and the guy in sam ash told me the cme is like the triton, and i'm just wondering if he ever even saw it before because it is nothing like the triton-- as u said it's more like roland, it's kinda heavy (especially the 88-key full-weighted) but it has increased my finger strength and agility a lot and it feels like an instrument not a toy

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    Re: midi keyboard controlers

    Yeah, its just like sammy24 said, you could easilly use a 61 key controller with your orchestral libraries. I myself use an Edirol 61 key controller without any problems, but I really whish I had an 88 key hammer-action contoller, since I prefer to play on wheigthed keys... The problem is, I don't know which one to buy...

    If you're not going to play piano with any of your softsamplers, you could always go for the CME 61 key..


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