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Topic: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

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    According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    I went to Astrology Zone to see what the stars had to say and here is my life laid out according to the stars:

    Your February Horoscope by Susan Miller
    Leo (July 23- August 22)

    "Life certainly has not been easy for you lately, and with planets at odds with one another late last month, an enormous amount of energy has been building in various areas of your chart.... If you can find a way to harness all this over-the-top energy in the first half February, you'll rule the world."

    Rule the world?!!?? WooHoo!!!

    "Your career is still showing amazing developments, thanks to the hard work and extra concentration you have lavished on it over the past six months. Since the end of July 2005, Mars, the great warrior planet, has helped you garner the favor of VIPs, and you seem to have made major strides - your status is certainly on the ascent...You will have presence, authority, and the courage to launch big ideas, so schedule those meetings now!"

    Any VIPs wanting to schedule an appointment please contact my secretary.


    "Sometimes when planets build in the seventh house, it's not one particular partner who would be your focus, but rather a competitor or detractor. If this is how things are playing out in your life, know that the worst is probably over - you have until February 20 to be fully through the woods. You will regain a strong foothold several weeks from now, so be patient."

    Glad the worst is over. I've had my share of unpalatable utterings from competitors and detractors lately. They seem to come from the east and west and various directions. Can't wait until February 20th to be out of the woods.


    "Mars will leave your career sector on February 17, and not return for two years.... After Mars exits your career sector, Mars will start to jazz your social sector ...now that you've paid your dues, it will be time to play."

    Jazz?? As in Jazz & Big Band? Time to play! Yeah!!!


    "You might want to buy a raffle ticket on February 14 and 28. With Uranus so active this month, you never know!... not a full moon, but a new moon, and new moons act a bit differently. Uranus always brings its luck in completely unanticipated ways.. the position of Uranus opens the door for an unorthodox, creative solution"

    Ummm... new moon? And the position of Uranus opens the door? I can only hope I'm not upwind. I'm going to leave this topic and not go there.

    "While you have a relatively quiet period in February, hurry your projects along."

    Newmusikboy you reading this!


    "In your career, you've been under nearly constant pressure to perform and you may feel you've been asked to scale superhuman heights. Still, you stepped up to the plate and chances are that you have achieved at least one major victory in the past six months. If you still feel you haven't, hurry, for you have two weeks to make that happen."

    I better hurry. Two weeks - yikes! Superhuman heights? that's what happens when you hang around the forum superheros!


    "Once Mars moves into Gemini on February 17, you'll be seeing much more of your friends and have more time to unwind and even do nothing, if that pleases you. Life will suddenly seem lighter and brighter for the first time since late July. The old tensions are NOT coming back."

    Phew! That's a relief!


    Well there you have it. Now I know what to expect for the next month or so.

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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    Ha ha ha!!

    That's hilarious! Well, your future looks rather nice!

    Quote Originally Posted by Garritan
    Rule the world?!!?? WooHoo!!!
    Of course we all know that will happen eventually...

    Pfft... my horoscope says that I'm looking for a new house...

    and... "Travel will dot your schedule all month, with short hops the norm as you open the month, but a longer trip may be on your agenda midmonth at the full moon, February 13."

    Oh, boy, I can't wait to see where I'll be going! Especially since I'll have class on that day...
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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    I hate it when these horoscopes get just a little too personal...
    "With Uranus so active this month..."


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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    excellent Gary, some great puns in there

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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    Okay, let us crank the weirdness meter up to a new level.

    I just went to the same site and looked at my horosope.

    I'm a Gemini so my 'scope is always 'this may happen or on the other hand that may happen'. Most wishy washy sign going.

    Now, I'm not what you would call a believer in this stuff. when I was growing up my best friends mother was a professional astrologer. (His father was a world reknowned nuclear physicist). She was always crankin' out charts for me to make sure that my friendship with her son was in his best interests, because initially she didn't like me one little bit.

    Somewhat interesting behaviour for a devout Catholic woman, but hey. In her eyes I got the stars blessing and that was good enough for her.

    Now I read this online horroscope. Way too long to go over all the details, but I have to admit the beginning in particular is freaky weird.

    " As February starts, you will be immersed in talks with publishers, broadcasters, or people at a distance. You may need to see your clients / partners / associates in person to move a project along quicker - a good idea. If you already took a trip in mid-to-end of January (very possible) or if travel is impractical for you now, you'll do many video conference calls, telephone calls, and email swaps. It will be a very busy month."

    Well, let us see, I *am* working with someone halfway across the continent from me and I *was* planning on seeing about flying out for business talks, and we *do* exchange fairly copious e-mails. I *had * planned a trip for mid January. To NAMM.

    ou may be involved in an important editing or research project, or the development of an ad campaign, new website, publicity project, or marketing program. ... The planets in Aquarius stacking up in your ninth house will help too, and will bring lots of news if you have been focused in these industries."

    Uh well, yeah I am involved in a project that pretty well involves all of the above
    And on and on. This silly thing is so spot on that I actually can't comment on it because I would have to go into business matters I am not at liberty to discuss in order to explain *why* it's spot on.


    I'm glad I don't believe in this stuff because: (actual quote from site)

    "This new moon is smack dab conjunct Uranus, so whatever happens will be a complete surprise to you. You may find yourself in the right place at the right time, so stay alert. For sure, nothing will happen in a way you'll expect."


    No offense, but my connections are polarized!



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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    Mine mentioned something about a "stack-up of heavenly bodies" and "letting nature take its course".

    Hope the wife doesn't read my horoscope.


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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    Great news, Gary!
    Lucky for me, I'm also a Leo!!
    (don't we have the same birthday or something like that?)

    It's kinda funny, that horoscope seems to be true for my life too. Past six months I've been devoting a lot of time to my piano/organ study and I feel my carreer is developing and stuff.
    Of course, this applies to me on a much smaller scale.

    Well, I'm not much into astrology anyway. I just live my life and let the stars do whatever they want to do.
    Stars are so overrated...

    Great puns, Gary!


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    Re: According to my horoscope...What I Can Expect This Month

    I am also a Gemini. I don't put much into this, but it IS kind of eerie that so many of the vagueties happen to be happening too.

    There are a lot of ways you can interpret things like this.

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