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Topic: HELP! maudio pro 88 transposing problem

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    HELP! maudio pro 88 transposing problem

    i play an m-audio keystation pro 88 in my band, hooked up to a laptop running energyXT which is hosting several vst's, like kontakt and pro-53.

    for the past 2 months it's been working fine. but for some reason today, whenever i change zones on the keyboard it sends some sort of midi signal and then every note i play is transposed. but it doesn't keep transposing if i hit the zone button multiple times.

    i can't figure it out!!!! i'm wondering if there's something wrong with the keyboard. i did the master reset, and same thing. is there a parameter somewhere i'm missing?

    i have a gig on monday and i have NO CLUE how to fix this thing and i'm starting to freak out, so any help out there would be GREATLY appreciated! thanks!


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    Re: HELP! maudio pro 88 transposing problem

    If I was experiencing that problem I would see if a different keyboard of the same type gave the same problems. That might help you determine if it is a hardware or software problem.

    Do any of your friends have one that you could try? Or is there a store that you could take your laptop to?

    Good luck


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    Re: HELP! maudio pro 88 transposing problem

    well if anyone is interested, or has the same problem in the future and finds this in a search...the problem ended up being the keyboard.

    i was lucky and purchased the performance guarantee at guitar center when i bought the keyboard, so i had 60 days to exchange it. i was on day 53! i took my original board there, told them the problem, and they said 'hey, it's not 60 days yet, let's just exchange it.' so we did! i must say the service i'm getting at guitar center in austin is very good.

    so i got a new keyboard (exact same model), plugged it in at home, and voila! problem gone!

    so it ended up being a bad keyboard. something happened to it, guess this board isn't exactly road worthy, but it's all i can find with so many assignable knobs.

    anyways, just thought i would post the fix. thanks chet for the reply!


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