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Topic: Latency with gigastudio 3 & RME

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    Latency with gigastudio 3 & RME

    Recently I have installed gigastudio3. I use a soundcard Rme Digi 9636.

    With Windows 98 and gigastudio 2 forming the latency in the
    Rme's Control Panel to the maximum number It did not have latency.

    Now with gigastudio 3 if I have it to the maximum, I have more latency, I have it to put to 512 and then they appear clicks, I suppose by the CPU.

    ¿Somebody knows something of this subject?
    thanks and sorry for my english



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    Re: Latency with gigastudio 3 & RME

    Pentium 3 800mhz. 512mb Ram.

    But the question is that with gigastudio 2.52 in Windows 98 I can set in Rme's setup the max latency number and there isn't latency, With Windows Xp and gigastudio 2.52 I can't set the same, then, apears latency.
    I don't know if I am explaining myself well.
    Thanks and sorry for my english.

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