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Topic: Toggle RMX Drag n Drop For PT Users

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    Toggle RMX Drag n Drop For PT Users

    For those of us still using older versions of Pro Tools, accidentally dragging and dropping can cause problems with crashes etc!

    In the next RMX version would you be able to add an option to change the Drag n drop button to be more functional for people like us (and less prone to causing problems) by instead bringing up a Save As dialogue when clicked (or perhaps Control+Clicked to avoid accident openings). This way we can quickly save to the desktop without having to drag and risk going over areas of the Pro Tools interface which can cause problems. Obviously make this a choice rather than something that would effect all.

    In addition it would be nice if the next version was proper native RTAS and not a VST wrapped as I'm sure this would bring some minor speed benefits with it!

    Keep up the great work.

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    Re: Toggle RMX Drag n Drop For PT Users

    We'll consider it, but any PT user who makes use of virtual instruments should serously consider upgrading to PT7 for the many enhancements.

    Also, just to nip this rumor in the bud: there is no performance penalty for the technique used in RMX to wrap the VST plugin to a RTAS plugin.

    - Glenn

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