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Topic: BIAB vs. Rhythm&Chords Guitar parts?

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    BIAB vs. Rhythm&Chords Guitar parts?

    I have BIAB and I'm trying to decide whether it's worthwhile to add Rhythm & Chords to my setup, or whether it won't give me anything new.

    I've played with the demo of R&C, but it's hard to get a good guage of it without the add-on styles.

    Are the guitar parts created by R&C noticeably better than ones created by BIAB with some add-on styles sets? In other words, will R&C add an appreciable amount to my ability to generate guitar parts, or does BIAB do everything that R&C does and more?


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    Re: BIAB vs. Rhythm&Chords Guitar parts?

    I have both, but haven't used them as much as I should have.

    Actually, from the dabbling I've done, R&C seems to have a lot of variety--I don't thing you'll find as much variety with BIAB (although BIAB is still one of my most valued programs ever!)


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