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Topic: Bay area mastering service?

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    Bay area mastering service?

    DOes anyone know a good mastering serivce in Bay area?
    I would like to master for the orchestra/soundtrack music.


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    Re: Bay area mastering service?


    contact tony wentzel and see who's available. I'm not sure if saying that I sent you will help much but you can try
    Operation Mindcrime 2, in stores now.
    or go here...
    The Digital Bitphonic Orchestra
    -Ashif "Ash" Hakik

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    Re: Bay area mastering service?

    Thanks Ashif for the recommendation, but eventually the price from The Annex Studio is not fit for me.
    What about the Soundlab at DiscMaker? ANybody has ever experienced their job?

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    Re: Bay area mastering service?

    A friend of mine has used these guys a bit. You might check them out as well.


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    Re: Bay area mastering service?

    I used Pyramind for two projects, but that was about 8 or 10 years ago. Greg Gordon was the guy I used. He's still there -- I think he's the owner (or majority owner at least). I was pleased with the results. I would have been more pleased if what I had brought him didn't sound so crappy in the first place!

    - Stefan

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    Re: Bay area mastering service?

    Ken Lee who used to work at Rocket Labs in SF did my first album way back when...and about 6 pages of other credits on allmusic.com. And he didn't charge me an arm and a leg. Of course, it all depends how in-depth you want/need to go.

    I Googled him and found that he's working out of Oakland now.
    Ken Lee Mastering
    Tel 510-428-9276

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