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Topic: Kontakt 2 Vsl...really?

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    Kontakt 2 Vsl...

    Hey just a question i was wondering about.
    I never really tried any of the VsL stuff, as i have been using EWQLSO , and are really happy with that so far.

    So it was to my great surprise that i checked out the VSL version that comes with Kontakt 2.

    Is this really representative of the "real" VSL versions?

    How close is this K2 version to the "real" versions?

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    Re: Kontakt 2 Vsl...really?

    the Kontakt2 demo of VSL comes from the larger VSL libraries, so it's all the same kind of sound only fewer articulations. I think the VSL libraries sound great, both the K2 demo and other parts. Some think that strings are a little thin, but other than that VSL has a very good reputation.

    It almost sounds to me like you used it without reverb.
    What reverb did you use when you tested it? Did you try convolution reverb in K2 with some of the big room presets?


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    Re: Kontakt 2 Vsl...really?

    Sonically they are identical. The VSL library is recorded quite dry and purposely so. I guess your ears are used to the wet/ambient samples of EW QLSO. Have you listened to the demos at VSL? Do you think those sound dull also?

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    Re: Kontakt 2 Vsl...really?

    I think that VSL is gr8 and K2 VSL stuff is really a part of what VSL really is becuase of limited articulations in K2.

    EWQL gives You more sound out of the box, more "hollywoodish" but in my personal opinion VSL is more close and have no reverb built in - and that what I think is where it's power is.... but of course VSL can sound hollywoodish too

    I Have EWQL GOLD and I did purchased VSL OPUS bundle when it was at promotional price and I'm happy that I did that.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 Vsl...really?

    Hey. Thanx for clearing that up.

    Yes i did use a Reverb (!) on the sounds...IR1 and K2 Impulses.

    Im sticking with EWQLSO indeed.

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    Re: Kontakt 2 Vsl...really?

    Quote Originally Posted by Pzy-Clone
    Hey.thanx for clearing that up.
    Yes i did use a Reverb (!) on the sounds...IR1 and K2 Impulses.
    Too me the sound of VSL (K2) is totaly uninspiring, dull, flat ,harsh and unanimated. And to heavy in the low end.
    Compare the Timpani for example, of The VSL K2 and EWQLSO ...Man what a difference.
    Im sorry, "Hollywood" or not, EWQLSO sounds so much more realistic to me ,
    i will never get any VSL products after hearing what they are about!
    Considering the price and all.....
    Im sticking with EWQLSO indeed.
    Well, I guess different people like different libraries.
    Did you listen to the demos on the VSL web site before reaching your conclusion?


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