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Topic: Is democoracy even possible...

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    Is democracy even possible....

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    in he middle east?? Bush invaded Iraq on the pretense (which changed several times) of establishing a free society in the Middle east.
    Just take a look at Jordan(our "ally" in the war on terror)
    is doing in regards to the cartoon riots.


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    Re: Is democoracy even possible...

    How can we expect theme to experiene democoracy when our democoracy is not even a reel one.

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    Talking Re: Is democracy even possible...!!

    hey i tried to fix the typo but it would'nt take

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    Re: Is democoracy even possible...

    I'm glad we agrea, i had a mutch longer post and more contraversal(can't spell that ) post but thankfully, my pc crash and i had time to reconsider, i don't want to get shout just yet, i have i few lib. i want to try first ,... i saved it in case you're interested.

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