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Topic: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

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    Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    Bill Serra has realized the first movement of Johann Sebastian's Bach's "Magnificat" using GPO.

    Bill used Finale to realize this work and did a really good job getting each instrument sounding the way it should in the baroque style.

    Here is the link to the demo:

    Magnificat anima mea dominum

    Bill did a magnificant job,. Hope you enjoy.

    Comments welcome.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    A fine interpretation of this wonderful piece -- one of everyone's favorites, I am sure!

    Great job on this.


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    Thumbs up Re: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    Yes it is a nice rendering. I would like to hear it without the pianoforte, (organ or sampled choir should be better).

    I suppose he did it for support to a real choir, or for further mix.

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    Re: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    Wow!! A really nice capture of the Baroque sound. I love that sound of the trumpet it almost sounds like they were lip trills. The woodwinds also had that authentic "woody" sound. I do agree it would be great to hear it with a chrous . Which brings up a point - from one Gary to another - when are we going to have the GP Orchestra and Chrous !!!!! complete with over wrought solists??? Some quality vocal samples even on OHH and AH would be great (most singers do not have the best diction so vocial syllabels thend to be all you understand anyway LOL) Some of us tend to write pieces for both mediums and it would be a good way to check the orchestral balance against a choir.

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    Re: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    Excellent rendering of the Magnificat. This is one of my favorite Bach pieces. The phrasing and dynamics are very elegent and baroque. The reverb is perfect for this piece. I too think an organ would have been a better choice for the choir. Great job!
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    Re: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    Thank you all for your great comments. I really appreciate them.

    Here's the final version which has a couple of style modifications and a slightly better mix.



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    Re: Bach's "Magnificat" - by Bill Serra

    Some nice refinements in this, Bill. A pleasure to listen to; as I said earlier, a solid interpretation!



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