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Topic: There is still hope

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    There is still hope

    Hey everyone. I did this today, and I'm really quite pleased with the result! Let me know your thoughts.



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    Re: There is still hope

    This is great for just a day's worth of work! Sometimes the creativity just flows, doesn't it? I love the english horn with pizzicato. The harmonies and melodies are wonderful, and flow together well. The piano comes in at just the right moment. I only hope this is part of a work in progress... what you have so far simply begs to be continued and developed... the piano sounds like it should keep going! And it would be great to have the english horn and pizz return again!

    A few subjective critiques - the strings at the beginning and again at the end seem like they need a bit of legato work. To me they seem that they would sound great if each note flowed into the next, but here each note seems to have too much of an attack, separating it from the previous note... if that makes any sense. Also, the brass at the end sounds too subtle. The crescendo is great; I would try making the brass a bit stronger... maybe a few harmonized horns with a horn overlay?

    Anyway, I love it! I definitely enjoyed this! I truly hope you continue this piece! Great work!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: There is still hope

    Thanks! I'll see what I can do with those strings. I have a few new ideas for this piece, I will see what I can do it.

    (Did anyone notice that I am using 'hall recording noise' over this track?)


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    Re: There is still hope

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisHurn
    (Did anyone notice that I am using 'hall recording noise' over this track?)
    I didn't even notice! Which either means one of two things: either my ears are pretty bad... or it blends very well and only sounds natural

    Oh... you know what you could also try (sorry, just spittin' out thoughts here as I keep listening over and over ) ... in the opening with the strings you could try giving the bass strings a bit of rhythm, like a pulse, kind of like but not totally identical to the pizz rhythm during the english horn part... eh... not sure if it would work or not... just a random thought!
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
    My MP3s | My Melody Generator | my album
    "serious music" ... as if the rest of us are just kidding

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    Re: There is still hope

    Off to a great start on this, Chris -- I love that e/horn over the pizz., that's sweet... gotta remember that one; and the subtle brass-string colors caught my ear, along with that beautifully controlled and restrained cresc. at 1:59 ffd.

    There's a ton of promise in this, Chris; I really look forward to seeing where you go with it!


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    Re: There is still hope

    Wow...one day's work? Every time I sign on here, I am amazed.

    Right on,


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    Re: There is still hope

    Thanks Paul! Yeah, this was done all today, It's sort of a bad habbit though. The last time I spent more than a few days max on a piece was a while ago, simply because I've been doing short film and game stuff which requires fast turn arounds.

    This one I'd like to refine a bit, and maybe spend a little more time than I usually do. Thanks again.


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    Re: There is still hope

    Yeesh... lol -- wish I could write, or even sketch, at that rate. (Last piece I did, the Lucifer & Gandi -- took me somewhere around 80-100 hours... and that was just the writing.)

    Someday, sometime, somewhere -- somebody's gonna 'splain to me why my pen moves so danged slow... lol.


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    Re: There is still hope

    Yah...that e.horn/pizz is one to save. Comes at you just right after the opening strings, too.

    On those strings, tho -- and I hate to be yet another critic of that section; it is sweeping and powerful -- anyhow, what struck me is how the low end and high end of the strings seemed too often in parallel movement. And either both were moving, or neither was moving. My books push towards making one voice active while another rests, et al. Or keep the parallels in top and bottom but have some movement in the inner voices (okay; maybe there was some development in the inner voices but I just wasn't hearing it).

    Actually: that kind of movement is in the big section near the end (and the voicing there is very nice -- enough brass for power, but kept in low brasses and blended with woods to keep the autumnal colors. Taiko and blaring trumpets would have killed the piece!)

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    Re: There is still hope

    Nice sound from the land of the Kiwi.

    You have the "dreaded sucking sound" on the attacks for some of the instruments. This is the bad effect that sounds as though the attack is not "on the button" with proper gain from the onset. The effect is that of "sliding" into each note.

    I did not care for the ending. It left me hanging. Will there be more?

    You are a good orchestrator. Keep up the fine work.


    Larry A.
    Larry G. Alexander

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