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Topic: feeling a little discouraged...

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    Unhappy feeling a little discouraged...

    Hey all,

    As a reminder to what I normally can do...I looked at back at some of my musical ideas. I found one that I later expanded on...sadly all I can find is the initial idea Link.
    It reminded me that I am still so new to writing this way. Anyway, I thought you all might get a chuckle out of that old idea and a new one I did after a depressing night of trying to work on Challenge #6. Here is the new one Link
    I do not even know what "style" to call it! LOL

    Now, if only I could figure out how to write this organically (sp?) for the orchestra, then I would be feeling pretty good about myself.

    Well...<<sniff>> that is enough of my pity party. Now, back to writing for the orchestra. I hope that you all get a kick out of hearing these non-orchestral snippettes. Pardon any out of time or out of key parts...leaving in errors is half the fun!! LOL



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    Re: feeling a little discouraged...

    As for Challenge #6? I wouldn't get within shouting distance of that theme set with a barge pole and a pitchfork. Fool thing gives me the willies just thinking about it -- and if you've looked at the bizarre themes I make whole pieces out of sometimes, that's saying something... The Challenge Crew really outdid themselves this time... lol. But then, they're supposed to -- it wouldn't be a challenge if it were otherwise.

    Long and short, don't let that throw you.

    Hey, I listened to these rock cuts. Like I've said before, there's no lack of talent, you've got that in the bag.

    The rest will come in time, Paul... so don't get discouraged. I doubt there is a soul in this forum who hasn't struggled mightily and worked like a dog to get the skills they have... which, I believe, has much to do with what a great group of people they truly are.

    And if you do get down, heck, give a holler in the forum -- ain't a one of us can't tell you writing "war stories" that'll immediately set your spirits.

    All my best,


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    Re: feeling a little discouraged...

    paul - just keep at it...i have reason to believe your jazz/rock/fusion roots would figure nicely in orchestral writing...time and patience


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    Re: feeling a little discouraged...

    Hey Paul..

    I've listened to your tunes.. sweet!
    there's definitely skill there! that's not even an issue.

    as for writing orchestra? Try it out with what you've already got! keep the same melody track and replace the guitars with a strad, the base with cello, drums with pizzicato... etc...

    you might be surprised at the results! it could give you an interesting place to start

    I've heard some violins perform some unconventional styles on this forum.!

    ... i think we're all just making it up as we go (.. but then isn't that like all things in life?)


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    Re: feeling a little discouraged...

    I thank you all. When it comes to the rock stuff, it always flows so easily. Mind you, that is 19 years of figuring how to do things. I have used some of my diminishing funds to get a MIDI guitar pickup. Now, if I can figure out how to set up the MIDI cc's, then I will be, comparatively, home free. If anyone out there has set up a gr-20 for GPO that would be great...so I can pick your brain. I will try to switch some of my ideas over; pizz. for drums, violin for guitar, and bass for...well, bass. LOL Anyway, it is always tough switching styles, but like my first guitar solo, it will get better the longer I work at it. Guitar solos took me about 2 years to vaguely figure out. How can I expect to get this right off the bat? After all, this is what I am going back to college to learn...in about 8 months, I will start. It was not curiosity that killed the cat...it was impatience! I must apologize...I must seem very whiney. I swear, I do not whine all the time.

    Once again, I thank you all,


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