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Topic: I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

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    I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

    While waiting to recieve my copy of TBO I ordered the White Grand II to go with it but after relistening to the Christmas samples that Per posted I wonder if i shoud have gone for the Black Grand instead. It seems that I might get a little more variety that way.
    Although it may be to late to change my order, could anyone who is more familiar with these 3 libraries comment on this for me? FWIW, I mainly record in a pop style, use a lot of Scarbee tracks and already own PMI's The Emperor nd the Old Lady.
    Thanks, JP

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    Re: I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

    I have TBO, WGII, Black Grand and the others you mentioned. If your mostly doing pop/fusion, you made the right call with WGII. It cuts through the mix like a Hitori Honzo sword man . They are all great libraries though.

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    Re: I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

    I agree, and I have all these pianos too.

    TBO tone is somewhere "in between" black and the white grands, with the same sampletekk distinctive character. You get variety in both way...
    White Grand has a lot of presence in a mix.

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    Re: I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

    I guess if it's variety your looking for , all the various programs offer variety..
    I use White Grand to "cut thru " the mix.....I don't have Black Grand , but it's a more mellow Steinwayish type of a sound which I already have programs for that ..I do realize that there are Steinways that are made to "cut thru" in a mix, but they are not typically recorded..Hopefully we'll have some of those soon ....TBO is just the icing on all of the above ....It can be smooth and mellow , or get very loud and can also cut thru while not quite as intense as White grand ... If I had to choose only one to serve all of my piano tracks, it would have to be TBO ... It takes a lot of resourses to run it , but it's also a LOT of piano !!...YMMV....Jim

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    Re: I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

    Thanks for this feedback. Anybody use the White Sister?

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    Re: I have TBO. Add Black or White Grand?

    I got the white Sister, very nice tone. more mellow than white grand but with a similar crisp presence.

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