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Topic: A head

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    A head

    I know it's short, but I'm trying to write heads that would be fun to
    perform and improvise on live.
    When I have enough of theese I'll try to form my own little band, something
    I've wanted to do in a long time.
    (Oh, and tour the world...;-)


    All comments welcome.

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    Re: A head

    Very cool! Like it a lot. Great production too.

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    Re: A head

    SO nice. as usual.

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    Re: A head

    Cool groove a la Electrik Band.

    Chick Corea is one of the great masters of our time

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    Re: A head

    Quote Originally Posted by Troels

    All comments welcome.
    You will give me a call when you actually form this band, right?

    Check out Modereko if they ever go out and play. You would be into their thing.

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    Re: A head

    Thanks NedK, artsoundz and P de Caumette. And yes Bruce, I will definitely give you a call when the band is forming.

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    Re: A head

    There's something Metheny-ish about it. Cool.

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    Re: A head

    Sweet! Nice bass.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Smile Re: A head

    Quote Originally Posted by Journeyman
    There's something Metheny-ish about it. Cool.
    Thanks Journeyman, yeah, the melody in the b section has some of that Metheny feel. I love his stuff, so I don't care. ;-)

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    Re: A head

    Quote Originally Posted by thesoundsmith
    Sweet! Nice bass.
    Thanks! I finally got the courage to start using the fretless I got over a year ago....Takes about twice the time for me to get the bass right compared to a fretted, but it's worth it for stuff like this.

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