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Topic: Host for as Many Samples in RAM as Possible?

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    Host for as Many Samples in RAM as Possible?

    I hope this is the correct area for this post. I am trying to make a sample/synth computer (on a PowerMac G5) that will be able to have as many samples loaded into RAM as possible which will then be controlled by my main computer running my host software. The midi is via MIDIOverLAN and the outputs are brought back into my main comp via lightpipe.

    Currently I have a dual 2GHz PowerMac with 4.5GB of RAM and am not getting anywhere near what I would like to have for realtime performance. I am looking at the new Quad and maxing is out with 8-16GB of RAM, but I know that sometimes not all of that is accessible. ie: Logic can only see just under 4GB.

    Herein lies my question. Can I access a large amount of RAM (let's say 8GB) using another host such as Bidule or Digital Performer (or something else)? If not, could I have multiple instances of EWQLSO, Stormdrum, EWQLSC, Kontakt, etc, etc, open as stand-alone plugins to access all the RAM? My preference would be to have some kind of host so that I could set up a template and not have to load individual stand-alones each time.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Re: Host for as Many Samples in RAM as Possible?

    In a word, No. Or in two words, Probably not.

    Multiple hosts use up too much CPU in my experience. The new dual-dual won't be able to load any more samples than the 2x2.

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    Re: Host for as Many Samples in RAM as Possible?

    Thanks for responding Nick.

    So if I rule out using multiple hosts/stand-alone instruments, is there any host out there (or other method of loading Kontakt, Kompakt, Intakt, etc.) that can access more than 4GB of RAM, or are those last 4GB that my mac can handle (total of 8GB) forever unuseable?

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    Re: Host for as Many Samples in RAM as Possible?

    It's closer to 3 than 4GB in the real world, and you can use things like Reason outside your main host. But I've tried running Kontakt stand-alone outside Logic, and it just doesn't work. Maybe someone else has had better luck with different programs, but that's been my experience.

    OS X will use all the RAM it can get for caching things, so some of the "extra" RAM makes sense. But beyond 5 or 6GB is probably not worth it, at least not as far as I've been told.

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