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Topic: Rock History Quiz

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    Rock History Quiz

    What rock band first used actual classical structure in it's album, what was the name of the album and what year was it released. It wasn't Iron Butterfly.

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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    Moody Blues - Days of Future Passed?

    Pet Sounds?
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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    You have to be more specific. Do you mean overall songwriting structure, like Tales, or just elements, like The Beatles using a string octet on Eleanor Rigby?? If it's structure, what kind of structure?? Thick As A Brick is probably the first important album length composition to have a decent thematic throughline, Gentle Giant was among the first to really heavily explore counterpoint and poly-rhythms in rock (but then there's always Frank Zappa!!), Yes really excelled at the 20 minute epic, King Crimson and Yes both excelled at thematic variation...what are you looking for?? Focus blended baroque elements with improvisation, ELP simply arranged actual symphonic music... and there's always Deep Purple's Concerto for Band And Orchestra And didn't Moby Grape write an actual electric Mass?? There's just so much...

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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    Agree on specificity.

    'Actual classical structure' could be almost anything.

    Countless groups (many mentoned above) have done the pseudo classical thing, but depending on the def of 'structure' it could be a simple little pop tune with a good theme and development.


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    Re: Rock History Quiz



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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    Captain Beefheart?

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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    Grateful Dead - Anthem of the Sun - side 1 - 1968????



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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    Well, I know it is not the oldest, but I still enjoy listening to Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Alan Parsons (1976).

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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    I'd guess we could probably rule out The Partridge Family.


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    Re: Rock History Quiz

    My guess is that it is not Bill Haley and the Comets, "rock Around The Clock"!
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