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Topic: 24 - live or not?

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    24 - live or not?

    Hey - anyone know if 24 utilizes a live orchestra, or if Sean Callery uses a sample lib? Understand that he may add some samples of non-orchestral instruments (ala Zimmer), bat for the real instruments, does anyone know for a fact one way or the other? It seems to me that it is not a real orchestra, but honestly, it's not too easy to tell through my TV. Maybe next week I will pump it through my stereo, and also try some cans.


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    Re: 24 - live or not?

    All samples to my knowledge.

    BTW....you might be interested in this:


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    Re: 24 - live or not?

    Thanks for that link. Sean said, "...and I have been using Spectrasonics sample libraries and virtual instruments since the beginning."

    Well, I guess that answers that!

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    Re: 24 - live or not?

    Here's another link about the TV and video game scores:


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    Re: 24 - live or not?

    hmm, I thought it was pretty obvious, samples. Listen to the horns/brass, they give it away IMO

    anyway, he writes 30+ minutes of music EVERY episode, its pretty impossible to score, notate/orchestrate and record every week, let alone in the few days that he probably has when episodes finally get to him

    there's a great commentary track with him in the Season/Day 4 box set.

    I read that he has a live orchestra going for the Upcoming Game tho.

    I'm not too happy with this seasons music. Some of it is great, and some of it is just the "go to" stuff, plus it seems really strung together in places, instead of "constant". The season itself tho...another story.

    Season two is where I think he really started to find a rhythm and probably refined it in season 3. You could hear the additions of more VI's in Season 2 and trying new things. Maybe I'm just getting to used to the music. Its gotta be hard, there's only a few melodic themes and motifs and you cant force that down peoples throat in a show like this, so its seems he resolves to repeating familiar "styles" or movements. like my favorite, the thumping bass line while other instruments jsut build over it.
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    Re: 24 - live or not?

    Really nice score.
    Hear some Percussive Adventures in there too.
    Wish it wasn`t a CCCD...

    Also, I watched "Hard Rain" last week,
    which was scored by Christopher Young
    and realized that the Main Theme for "Hard Rain" and "24"
    had similar parts in the melody.(Well, its just the first 5 notes though.)
    But its still stuck in my head :P
    I think its because I love both of the scores.

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