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Topic: Do you think that N.I.B4 II is better than B4 (I)?

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    Do you think that N.I.B4 II is better than B4 (I)?

    Some day ago I bought my copy of N.I. B4 II.

    I installed B4II but I didn't deinstalled version 1 because B4II is a great virtual organ but, in my opinion, it's not better than B4 I. It's just different.

    If you load version 1 patches in B4 II, they sound different.

    I used B4 version 1 for five long years and I still love its sound.

    So I think I'll use both of them in the future.

    Do you agree with me?

    What I really don't like about version II is key-click. It sounds too loud in too many patches.

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    Re: Do you think that N.I.B4 II is better than B4 (I)?

    You should be abe to adjust the keyclick (according to the review I read.) I don't have B4 II, but I do have two copies of the original (I lost my disk I needed to prove purchase, after a year without it, I bought a new copy, only (of course) to have the first one turn up a month later.

    B4 II has some interesting new features, and may even sound more authentic (the original always had more distortion than I ever played with live, even 'pure' distorts.) And I'm sure the new Leslies are worth theupgrade. But you only get 2 installs, and I need 3, so I'll stick with the original for now.
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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