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Topic: Hello...Hi...Howdy

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    Hi. I am fairly new to this forum. You guys are amazing! Very knowledgable. I am not quite sure where to post this, but this is a piece I composed for the Pete Carpenter Fellowship aplication.

    We were instructed to create an opening title sequence, 1 2 or 3 minutes in length.

    Please tell me what you think. Thanks for listening.


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    Re: Hello...Hi...Howdy

    Nice melody and composition.
    The drums are a bit heavy and large and everything is lacking expression ... ( controller 11 ... swells on the strings etc. )
    that is ... until the drums stop.
    Much better there!

    It has kind of a live feel as if it was recorded live in a club.
    The sound / general tone is a bit thin for my taste but not bad.
    The bass is a bit weak.

    Nice melodies!


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