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Topic: RMX Track gets Approval from the Pros

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    RMX Track gets Approval from the Pros

    I'm a big fan and user of Stylus RMX - in fact I should be on commission for the number of people I've told about it - but that's another story.

    I decided to have some of my tracks professionally mastered at my own expense. It's a bit of a risk as I don't have any deals lined up. I was bolstered with some extra confidence from having some previous work used on UK television a couple of years back. So I splashed out and paid to have a couple of tracks, which make use of RMX, mastered by Soundmasters in London. They mastered the U2 Joshua Tree album as well as albums by Depeche Mode and The Prodigy.

    Anyway, I've just learned that one of the tracks has been chosen by them to be their track of the week and is available for free download from their website:

    Anyway, you guys know the truth, I don't have a real drummer!



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    Re: RMX Track gets Approval from the Pros


    Nice work. :-)


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    Re: RMX Track gets Approval from the Pros

    Great job! It would be interesting if you would post the pre mastered version here, so that we could evaluate the mastering job. Thanks for sharing.

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