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Topic: Lazy Bones - please listen

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    Smile Lazy Bones - please listen

    I just stumbled across a blank CD and discovered it contained one of my old pieces that I thought I'd lost. It used to give me a great laugh listening to it, so I've posted it at AcidPlanet so everyone can have a laugh.


    I don't particularly want comments on the production. This is from when I was a complete newbie to music technology and had no clue about mixing, how to make stuff sound real with samples, or anything.

    The piece came about when one of my students came to me with just the first eight bars of the string parts and said he was going to start something else because they were unusable. So I sat with him for an hour and wrote this. I named it Lazy Bones becuase the student was too lazy to stick with an idea for more than two minutes. Then I realised it with Peter Siedlaczeks orchestra, straight from the GM file with no editing. Unfortunately I've lost the MIDI file or I would revisit it with the anti-machine gun script and do some considerable editing of the string parts.

    Neverthless the piece brought a smile to my face, and I hope it does to yours.

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    Re: Lazy Bones - please listen


    I think you could probably move that as an educational piece if you published it as a piano/xylophone reduction.

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    Re: Lazy Bones - please listen

    I like it very much.

    Very quirky.


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    Re: Lazy Bones - please listen

    Thanks for the suggestion Bruce. Working on a piano reduction right now.

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