I have a question at this point related to my principles of orchestration, ability, and TONE, and i guess this one is for the developers.

Is it possible to provide for tonal demonstration purposes a simple, slow, C major scale (or better, half a scale) of instruments. i.e. each string or octave of a violin. Even C,D, and E would suffice. Just something not encased in a melody or ensemble.
Ex. Expressive violins. no added verb or effects, just the sample, so i (and maybe others) can hear the tonal significance of your work? Many of the demos are integrated, and it's not always easy to hear the purity or otherwise of what you're offering. I'm a simple composer (as those who've heard my offering will attest too ) and Tone is my thing, and a deciding factor for me in future purchases. I'm just not that interested in convoluted stereo borg like constructs with pre-determined effects.
Just well recorded mono samples.

The orchestra in my head is alive and well, and i hear the tone i want. My brain has already done the tonal calculation dependent on style of music, and resonance, and all the other stuff.

Is this possible, or does it represent a problem in relation to making single samples available? I can also appreciate the efforts all of you have put into building instruments that endeavour to capture the mechanics of playing, but in truth, i've enough to experience to understand that for myself.

Call me old fashioned, but i think this would be an ideal way to highlight the strength of a library or instrument, and help determine the tonal qualities that some of us listen for.