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Topic: My CD on radio

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    Thumbs up My CD on radio

    I just heard from the program director of WFIU, the NPR station at Indiana University. Several pieces from my CD have been selected to be broadcast next month! Good news! (Anyway, good news for me!)

    For those who are interested, you can listen to WFIU on line, if you aren't in the Bloomington area. The broadcast schedule is still tentative, but here's how it stands now (I'll update it if there are any changes):

    Prelude and Bacchanal (violin, horn, and piano)
    March 14, 3pm
    March 21, 9am
    Three Songs
    March 30, 7pm
    Chorale and Scherzino (piano)
    March 20, 7pm
    Reading Issa (viola and harp)
    March 8, 7pm

    There may be an on-air interview at some point; that still has to be worked out.

    Exciting news!
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Congratulations, Dan!

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    Re: My CD on radio

    Great news, Dan! Congratulations!



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    Re: My CD on radio

    Hey, it's always great to hear your work on the radio, congratulations...

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    Re: My CD on radio

    Very nice! Congratulations.
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: My CD on radio

    Quote Originally Posted by tradivoro
    Hey, it's always great to hear your work on the radio, congratulations...
    Given how conservative most (of the remaining) classical music stations are with their playlists, this is an extra-special achievement. Imagine, playing music by a composer who is still alive ( aside from Reich, Glass, and Part - I guess you need a one-syllable last name)!

    Congratulations! It is surely deserved.

    R. Pearl

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    Re: My CD on radio

    Congratulation from me too!

    very cool to have our music played on the radio (although i can only imagine!)

    still, it's well deserved... you have allot of great compositions on your site. Very prolific!

    congratulations again!!


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    Now this is why I always come on the forum. To hear great news about a great musician getting what he deserves! Congratulations Dan! This is totally cool and you can bet I'll be tuning in! Freeeeaaaaaking AWESOME!

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    Re: My CD on radio

    Great news!! Congratulations!! I'll tune in if I can
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: My CD on radio

    Congratulations !!!!!!! Wonderful to hear that they will broadcast your work!


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