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Topic: Timpani

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    I've looked all over the GPO documentation for some way to dampen or muffle a timpani hit. The timpani are KS so I assume there's some magic keyswitch to make this occur.
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    Re: Timpani

    Page 13 of the update documentation. http://www.garritan.com/support/GPOUpdate.pdf

    Short answer: Sustain pedal


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    Re: Timpani

    Hi all, I'm new.

    I can switch to dampened timp hits using my sustain pedal and pedal mode 2. But the hits are very short, immediately dampened.

    With a harp in the same player (cc64 & pedal mode 2), I can hold down the note to let it ring, and then MIDI release dampens it.

    Any idea why this doesn't happen with the timpani, even in the same player? I need measurable note durations, am I missing something here?

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    Re: Timpani

    You can use the pedal to determine the exact moment of dampening. Simply leave the pedal up for the duration of the note, and press it down at the moment it should be damped.
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    Re: Timpani

    No dice, unfortunately.

    I have discovered that the timpani in the 'basic orchestral percussion' combo _does_ respond properly - that is, with a cc64 down I can let it ring for the note's duration, and dampen it with the release.

    Any ideas why TimpaniKS would behave differently?

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