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Topic: Tascam FW-1804

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    Tascam FW-1804

    Hello everybody. Any experience with this unit? Would you recommend it?

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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    My friend has one and he loves it. I've heard the converters are pretty good. And of course, GSIF support.
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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    I have the 1884 which is pretty much the same, it's been great, onboard firewire on my mobo made it not as reliable as a PCI firewire. But ya it's stable, good control of Sonar and hasn't broke in a year as well it was a demo!

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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    Can anyone report what kind of latency you're getting with this. I have the Tascam US-428 and I like it except that I have like a whopping 46 ms of latency. Thoughts?


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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    Quote Originally Posted by EricWatkins
    Can anyone report what kind of latency you're getting with this. I have the Tascam US-428 and I like it except that I have like a whopping 46 ms of latency. Thoughts?

    The US-428 is USB, which I've found, is very hard to get low latency with. The FW-1884 is firewire and I've been getting reliable performance with a setting of 2-3 ms audio latency in the FW-1884 Manager app. This is on a (dare I say dated) dual 1 gig G4 with 2 gigs of RAM.

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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    I'm also using the FW1884. I like the converters and clean pre-amps too. Latency performance is great - In Cubase I get 1.9 ms when using the smallest buffer. Being more realistic I generally go for a 12 ms setting within multitrack sessions.

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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    I have a FW1884 myself and it's great. I don't usually use it with ASIO drivers but am fine with the 12-15 ms latency I usually have it set to. Only thing that keeps me from also picking up an 1804 for laptop use is that it only has 1 pair of audio outs compared to 4 on the 1884. I use those outs on the 1884 for sampler loopback when running concurrent audio apps, like Sonar. That way Sonar can out to Audio 1-2 while GS3 outs to Audio 3-4 which is patched back to a couple inputs. And I often use the other 2 out pairs similarly for GigaPulse audio processing. Which is my only lament with the Tascam family design: there's no patchbay in the Manager App to do this stuff without patch cords... which you can't even do on the 1804 if you only have 1 set of outs.

    So I just keep wishing that someday Motu will come out with GSIF2 drivers for the Traveler (does it support gsif-1 like some of the other Muto stuff?). And drooling over the RME FireFace 800. While getting by with a US122 when I don't really need to drag along the 1884.


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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    I own a Tascam 1804 and I LOVE it. Not only do I use it for live gigs without the use for a computer, but then I use it with a dedicated audio computer (using asio driver I get < 20 ms latency and have been able to reliably use it in a mixing and editing environment as low as 5 ms latency without crackles.

    I also use it on my laptop and have had phenomenal results and totally acceptable latency, again, using asio (< 15 ms latency with a ads firewire pcmcia card).

    I use FL Studio 6 and Sonar 5 Producer in all cases.


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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    Thank you all kindly for the replies. Is anyone taking advantage of the GSIF 2 drivers with GS3 and iMIDI? Is there any other FW unit that is comparable? How does this unit stack up to any RME devices in the same price range (So I am not talking the FW unit RME has)? I like the fact that is is portable to various other PCs and laptops. What FW adapters are you using - which are compatible? ADS, Adaptec, VIA? Would you recommed it or after experience would you prefer another device? Thanks again.

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    Re: Tascam FW-1804

    I like mine. It's sounds great although I do run the buffer @ 1024 to avoid crackles & pops on moderate to large VSTi SX3 projects.
    Here's a review from a user.

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