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Topic: JABB Article @ cakewalk.net

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    JABB Article @ cakewalk.net

    Here's an in depth article about JABB:

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    Cool, just plain jive cosmic debris cool man cool! Thank you for the link.

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    Re: JABB Article @ cakewalk.net

    Nice review.
    Poor demo.
    Since when is a sax a brass instrument?


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    Re: JABB Article @ cakewalk.net

    On one hand, putting only two hours into a demonstation intended to show the *full* potential of a library does indeed short-change it.

    However, putting two hours into a tune to show what's possible for putting two hours into a tune *is* demonstrative of what it can do in the hands of a novice!

    I see it as similar to how the Garritan site has user demos, and not demos created by compensated professionals. Sure, there are a ton of things he could have done to show JABB in its best light (lowering the vibrato rate on that sax, for one!), but a realistic trial-run might be more useful to readers considering a purchase.

    I don't think his musicianship should really be in question, when it's merely his expertise with the library that needs work. Forgivable, yes?

    I liked the little "Yvonne" clip, anyway.

    As to "brass" encompassing all winds... well...

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    Re: JABB Article @ cakewalk.net

    I don't think that the review was long enough... But hey, it all helps...

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