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Topic: Clean install with Giga 3.0

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    Clean install with Giga 3.0

    I am just making sure I will not mess up. I got myself into circuitous registration in the past that believe it or not never worked out.

    I tried to install Giga 3.0 on a new Dell PC. After trouble with registration Tascam support told me it with the Dell XP OS. So I installed a generic XP OS. Now I must install Giga 3.0

    The question is, do the istall from the DVD, update to 3.12, then authorize. Or, do I install from the DVD, authorize, and then update to 3.12.

    I am asking for your help because I do not want to waste time with numerous calles to tech support.

    Hey Thanks if you can help.


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    Re: Clean install with Giga 3.0

    If you've already registered and downloaded GS3.12, you should be able to install it directly.


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    Re: Clean install with Giga 3.0

    Thanks for getting back. I have not installed the program yet, but I have downloaded the 3.12 update file for orchestra.

    So I guess it is ok to install the program from the DVD, update it with the download and then register it.


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