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Topic: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

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    Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    I am sorry for making two threads, but I could not change the topic title of the previous one. So sorry for that.

    Kirk (or anyone who can help me here).

    I received my Emerald sample collection in the mail (man, that was amazingly fast - 3 days ground - wow). I copied all samples to my external library usb2 hd (my entire library is there).

    Upon loading up Kontakt 2 and updating the search database, the Emerald directory showed up. Great so far.

    The major problem is, EVERY SINGLE .NKI file's path information is WRONG. The are set for Kirk Hunter's computer, not mine. Therefore, I have to search every single time for every single .nki file and then save that instrument file to reflect the correct path information.


    Current Path for a sample .nki file (before I have kontakt 2 search):

    C:\Users\kirkhunter\Documents\KontaktKhso\Woodwind s\Bassoon\KhsoBsnSamples\GrU\csB_GrUC3.wav

    I need it to be (after search is done):

    j:\library\emerald\yadda yadda yadda

    See my problem. There are thousands of these files - it'll take me forever.

    If I have to do this for all 5 DVDs (including the chamber string dvd), it will take me WEEKS to get done.

    Is there any possible way to rebuilt the PATHS inside .nki files to correctly reflect MY computer and the locations to the correct samples for those .nki files?

    I hope I explained this well enough to allow someone to help me. I am quite computer literate (build my own, repair computers for clients and am a programmer of a few languages), so, believe me, I am not intimidated by software and usually find what I need on my own. However, searching this forum and NI's forum did not help, nor did their manual.

    I appreciate anyone that can help me here.

    Again, it is NOT the samples or library that cannot be found without further search - it is EACH individual .nki file and it's path information to the samples for that .nki file.

    Thanks again,


    P.S. Once I have this all taken care of, I will review Emerald and post it here. It looks to be an AMAZING package. The sound quality of what I have heard so far is exceptional.

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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!


    I rebuilt the database 5 times and I updated 5 times

    It's not that - and that has not worked.

    I really hope there is a solution, asw this will take so long otherwise!!!

    An installer would have been nice.


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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    As I posted in the other thread:

    This is the solution you are looking for. ::waves Jedi finger::

    K2 may still prompt you to "locate the sample" on several patches, but because the sample pool is indexed it takes a fraction of a second for K2 to locate them. Once the sample pool is indexed completely loading is a breeze. Why K2 doesn't index everything in one pass is a mystery, but after several passes it will eventually get them all. I transferred my entire library from one drive to another. Then I "reorganized" my sample pool to save storage space, meaning I dumped duplicate samples. At first I thought I had to physically point to each patch's sample pool each time I loaded, and that the only way around was to save each patch individually. After indexing numerous times I no longer need to do this.

    Make sure the settings in the prompting window are set to actually search the database. You can set it up to prompt you everytime and make you point to the pool, or look 1 folder up, etc. K2 will use "method 1" to locate the pool. If not found it will go to "method 2" and so on. If you don't choose the next method in the sequence it has no choice but to make you do it manually as the last resort before giving up and not loading.

    Also, I have KHCS and it gave me the same scenario as you. Indexing worked for this library.


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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!


    So indexing is done in the search box when looking for samples.

    For choice 1, is it best to use the "search whole drive"

    I have dones this for, must be, 60 .nki files already, maybe more. You are telling me that at some unknown point, Kontakt 2 will finally "get it" and find the samples because the sample pool is now pointing to the right paths?

    If you could possibly step me through this process, I would greatly appreciate it, because everything I have done so far has not worked at all, at least not automatically. Some user intervention has been necessary so far. I have it set (checkmarked) to current folder, 2 folders up and locate manually right now.


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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    I don't know what you mean by "I've done it on at least 60 .nki files already." You actually don't need to open/load any .nki files to index. K2 will search the entire selected drive(s) for any .nki files in this process. You can't choose which files it locates for indexing, it tries to find them all. It is a batch process. I had to update the database several times to complete indexing. Each time the process took less time. The first time took several hours. When you do open a .nki to use, the sample pool for it is either indexed or not. Ah, that's what you mean...then I say, "Keep updating."

    I am not in the studio at all today, but I can post the process tomorrow when I can physically check the steps and settings needed.

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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    I appreciate it, as I have rebuilt and re-updated the database 5 times each and NOTHING is working without me physically opening up each and every .nki file.

    What I mean is, I go to, say, woodwinds, and I choose the flute and under that are tons of .nki instruments for a variety of flute instruments.

    When I double-click on it, it opens up a box saying it cannot find the samples. I then can choose to look in a variety of options with check boxes next to each one.

    I now chose LOCAL DATABASE and it finds the necessary samples and then I save the .nki file in question - the next time I load in that same .nki file, now it works without searching. GREAT! However, there are THOUSANDS of such instruments in the collection - do I have to do this to each and every one?????

    Hence why I would like to know a batch way of doing this? What am I missing here? I cannot find an option that works!

    Thanks again - I would most definitely like some help here.


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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    Make sure you do indeed rebuild the database any time you add, move or change in any way your sample/instrument location(s). I suspect you've already done this.

    Then upon attempting to open an instrument, make sure that "search database" is the first option in the window that pops up.

    The instrument should load right up. I've tested this on several different computers, both mac and pc, and it worked fine.

    Then, simply save the instrument right then and there so as to avoid the search window popping up on future loads.

    I would have put all the instruments and samples in only two folders which would avoid this issue, but since there are so many instruments, that would make it really hard for the user to know what's what. Therefore, "nesting" the instruments makes it easier for the user to get an idea of what kind of instrument/articulation is getting chosen.

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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    I just recently gave this Kontakt2 tip on the Bela D forum:

    When saving .nki's in K2, have the .nki open (click on the wrench icon) now click on the load/save above, K2 gives you only one option, "save edited instrument-". clicking this, K2 will open a save window automatically set to where the nki originally resides from.
    Saving the .nki in an un-editing state, you have to find where you want to save it after being directed to the desktop. This can be time consuming with many .nki's

    Also, when searching, Don't ask Kontakt2 to search "all drives" and "whole drives" as K2 will do just that! With todays large drives and large sample library collections, this can be very time consuming.

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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    Thank you everyone so far for your help.

    Kirk, unfortunately, I have been doing this all along - yes, I rebuilt and updated the database 5 times each so far AFTER copying all files and unraring them.

    I have indeed double-clicked on the .nki file and kontakt 2 had to search for the samples. I only had SEARCH DATABASE clicked and it finds what it needs. That's not the problem. I also save the .nki and viola - now it opens from now on without the prompting. Wonderful.


    Now I have to do this over and over again for EVERY FOLDER. Although it seems impossible, isn't there a way to have Kontakt 2 look for samples for each .nki file and save the file so that it is updated with the proper sample locations?

    This is gonna be a headache.


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    Re: Minor problem with KHSO Emerald - could get time consuming - HELP!!

    I think I am not communicating properly here.

    I KNOW I am going to have to do this by hand.

    I think what I have not stated before is that I am not just opening up one instrument and then recording with it.

    I like to pre-plan. I like to also know what I have, what I bought and what it sounds like.

    I also like to know where things are so I can retrieve them later. I know there is a naming system to all of this - but I'll never remember it. Therefore, I open each instrument (.nki file) and try it out. Play a few notes and try any keyswitches, mod wheel assignments, etc if there are any.

    So I am opening ALL of the included instruments, not one or two.

    THIS is why it's going to be such a pain in the butt. I can see no batch way of doing this, so I will have to open each instrument and then save it.


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