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Topic: The Good Guy sometimes wins

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    The Good Guy sometimes wins

    I posted this at the end of another of my posts in another thread.

    But I thought that in this time and place of life on NS - where points of view are getting personal, business competitors are taking shots (veiled or not) at each other -
    When business is tough and life as creative artists is insanely hard - and many here are struggeling towards their goals and dreams ..........

    Here is a true story in which the good guy wins - makes his music and succeeds -

    2 years ago I retired from my life as a studio owner / mixing engineer.
    No I am not old, just went back to playing for a living. My partner and I sold the studio. He moved to Key West - I am back in NYC. (yes he is smarter than I am)

    In our final two years as studio owners we had a client who we liked alot and really thought his music was killin.
    He was the nicest, most organized cat. Great tunes - great voice.
    We cut him an early daytime rate (10am-4pm) which was our lightest booked hours.
    He was always on time. Always paid his bill on time.
    Was maticulously prepared. Never a sour word about anyone.
    He was just laser focused on his music and career.
    Sessions were just good vibes all the time.

    I only met him a couple times since I worked nights (prime billing time) when I was in town and I was on tour most of that 2 years but each time I met him/heard the tracks it was a pleasure.
    My partner loved the guy. Our engineers loved working with him.

    Well last night he took home the Grammy for Best New Artist.
    Congrats to John (Stephens) Legend.

    Yes folks - every now and then - the really talented guy is the really good guy and he gets to win.

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    Re: The Good Guy sometimes wins

    yes, and how refreshing it is to see those deserving finally have things go their way.

    thanks for sharing!

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    Re: The Good Guy sometimes wins

    Just trying to spread some positive vibes around.

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    Re: The Good Guy sometimes wins

    A truly great story.

    Thanks for sharing. See, us nice guys have a possiblity of winning - well, not a grammy, maybe an Arby's sandwich, but it's still nice to see the good guy win!!!


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    Re: The Good Guy sometimes wins

    Wow! that's good news, good for him AND for you . I've always assume the peolple who made it in this buseness were good people, caus they are are more open, more giving, more in touch whit their thruself and more attractive for these reasons. It seems i was right. thanks for sharing.

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    Re: The Good Guy sometimes wins

    Nice story, thanks Ed!
    Theo Krueger - Composer


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