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Topic: overture, KS, and PIZZ

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    overture, KS, and PIZZ

    I am using the bundled Overture - I load a KS, say, (solo) cello or violin, but the playback doesnt switch when it reached the pizz marking. I have tried various values (F1, F-1,F0, the default A2 - there is no way of getting an F-2 is there, it doesnt come up as an option), but no pizz.

    So, what am I doing wrong and is it really embarrassingly obvious?


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    Re: overture, KS, and PIZZ

    Violin keyswitches for pizzicato are F2, Cellos are F1, Violas are F2, Double bass are F0.

    There is no automatic articulation playback in Overture 3.6 SE. Its a new feature to Overture 4. There are automatic playback routines for expressions, hairpins, dynamic markings, all major articulations, etc. in Overture 4.

    If are interested in a upgrade to either Overture 4 SE or the full version of Overture 4, please contact us at Geniesoft directly.

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    Re: overture, KS, and PIZZ

    thanks for the advice. Can you tell me (I checked geniesoft's web page) is it the cheap upgrade or the rather more expensive cross grade to 4.0 that applies?


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    Re: overture, KS, and PIZZ

    The upgrade to the full version of Overture 4 from Overture 3.6 SE (a lite edition) is $200.00 US. We did have a cheaper upgrade when we first released the program that was $150.00 US.


    We are thinking about selling an update from 3.6 SE to 4 SE. You may want to contact sales (at) geniesoft.com and see what your options are. We were thinking of offering this to Overture 3.6 SE users for $25.00 US. Overture 4 SE contains all the automatic playback options and VST support of the full product, but is missing guitar chords, jazz articulations, lyrics, the on-score midi editing, and some other things. If you can live without those features, then that's something to think about.

    If the GPO community would be interested in this kind of upgrade path, maybe we can open it up to everyone.

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    Re: overture, KS, and PIZZ

    thanks again for the info. 25 dollars to go to 4 SE is very tempting, as an unemployed artist! Will think about it and see if i can sell any more body parts...


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