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Topic: Cold Night

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    Cold Night

    Hi, i believe this is my first work that i'm posting in this forum , this is one of the tracks for my story album , Cold Night.


    Please do give your comments and feedback

    You can also check out my website for more :

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    Re: Cold Night

    Great first post! Your piece is very sweet and soothing. Well done! I'm looking forward to the rest of your suite.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: Cold Night

    Welcome aboard, Teraslasch!

    And a fine introduction of yourself and your work to the forum, too.

    Very well done, with a distinctive Medieval flavor to it.

    Good job on this!


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    Re: Cold Night

    For some reason this piece has an Eastern quality... not sure how though. A very relaxed and well thought out work. The melodies are very soothing yet hint to a loneliness and melancholy. This piece quietly tells a story...
    Thanks for sharing...

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    Re: Cold Night

    thanks for ur comments .. when i release my album, i'll post somemore songs here .. meanwhile u can check out my web for more hehe..

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    Re: Cold Night

    Would be great for underscoring some Shakespearean production. It got better as it progressed.

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    Re: Cold Night

    Hi, and welcome to the forum...

    This was wonderful submission.!

    There's some really nice unique chord progression here ....Kind of reminds me a bit of music from "The Secret Garden"... a slight Asian feel.

    Would certainly make a great underscore for film.



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    Re: Cold Night

    Hi, thanks for your comments, my music may sound asian because 1) im from singapore and 2) my music is pretty much influenced by nobuo uematsu(japan) - composer for final fantasy series .. hehe..

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    Re: Cold Night

    Welcome to the Forum. Very nice piece. Can definately hear the asian influence. I can see this as movie music and just on its own.

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    Re: Cold Night

    hehe, hope you guys enjoyed it ...

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