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Topic: K2 and String Intervals

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    K2 and String Intervals

    Almost scared to start a new post since I don't want it to turn into another shouting match. However, I have a legitimate question, so here it goes...

    Since I don't fully yet understand Kontakt 2 or scripting, is there any sample library out there doing string slides with interval samples besides VSL? (I own OPUS 1 and know how some of these sound.) Is the portamento in scripting all done with pitch bending and not by re-directing to interval samples a la Performance Tool? I've ordered KHSO, by the way, in a large part to see how the scripts work.

    I'm specifically looking for very soft portamento which Opus One doesn't offer.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: K2 and String Intervals

    I'm working on varying degrees of portamento in the scripts I'm developing, so that should be covered. In some passages, you won't want the portamento too much, and in others, you might indeed. In such cases, I would most likely not actually use a performance tool in KHSO, but use the Mod Wheel slides which point to actual samples performing section slides. However, if you're looking for a legato type of passage, then you would use the legatoLive script to achieve a realistic sound.


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    Re: K2 and String Intervals

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter. It sounds like you're doing what I'm interested in with the Mod Wheel. I'm looking forward to receiving Emerald soon and hearing what you've done.

    Do you by any chance have a downloadable manual so I could start reading about it before it arrives?

    John D.

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    Re: K2 and String Intervals

    I'm working on the manuals right now. But the most important thing is getting the new LegatoLive scripting installed in the various sections right now. After that's done, I'll devote more time to a better (the current one is very "slim", I know) manual.


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