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Topic: a mini string quartet

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    a mini string quartet

    Hello all,

    Since I have major issues trying to play keyboards, I thought that I would try a MIDI guitar for tracking. Here is the result...a short string quartet. Just to see if it sound better. Tell me what you all think.



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    Re: a mini string quartet

    I think you forgot to put in the link
    Kind Regards

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    Re: a mini string quartet

    Stupid thing did not want to work!!! Or rather...I did not know what I was doing! I fixed it !!!


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    Re: a mini string quartet

    Good to see you moving along nicely, Paul... you're getting there. This is an interesting fragment, and you might want to develop it further.

    Paul, I think we all have an initial struggle dealing with the technology in terms of getting the notes into the software. I sure did.

    For instance, I'm a pianist. It would be logical to assume it would be very easy and comfortable for me to simply play in the notes. But I don't seem to think linearly at all, and I find that impossible. So for me, the best route is "straight to paper", often real paper, and a notation program (Finale).

    Other people mouse the notes directly into a sequencer (I think maybe Larry Alexander works that way, and you see his rate or productivity).

    And, of course, many people do play in the notes. There's a lot to recommend that, in the human touch and expressiveness that it adds to the material.

    By all means, experiment until you find your own most effective approach or combination of approaches. As a practical matter, of course, it's also good for most any musician to have at least a degree of facility with a keyboard, too -- even if not for this specific use.

    My best,


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    Re: a mini string quartet

    You did this with a midi-guitar ! Pretty amazing..... I have to admit that I've never even seen one of those.

    I agree with David here, that overcoming the technological "obsticles" takes time and practice.

    As for your fragment: I think it sounds very "natural". Although a certain amount of uneveness can make it sound very human, one has to be careful not to let it sound too human and "unrehearsed" There were just a couple of places where I felt a little uneasy in terms of that.

    Great work on this!
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: a mini string quartet


    That is an interesting piece. I Think that it sounds very realistic. The mix is very good. Writing the notes in with a guitar controller sounds pretty hard to me, but probably helps immensely with not writing something pianistic.
    (The Nut )


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    Re: a mini string quartet

    A midi guitar?! Nice work!

    Great work so far, I certainly hope you do continue this piece. It sounds very realistic with the human touch.
    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Re: a mini string quartet

    Thank you all...I am still trying to find that happy balance for writing. At first I was using the overture program that came with GPO. I have heard amazing things about the finale 2006 program, but with my funds running LOW getting ready to start college this fall...I do not have the +/- $400 to get the program. If someone has an extra copy...that would be great! I figure that if I did all the accompaniment part on Finale and then the solo instruments on the MIDI guitar...then it should have a really good balance between exactness and humanity.

    Thank you all for being so patient with me...


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