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Topic: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

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    Question CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    I've red a lot of reviews of Keystation Pro88 in the past months. Many say it's awful, others (few) it's great and most people say it's fair enough for the price tag. Now I won't ask you if I should buy it [you'll reply 'try it and see if it suits you!'] but I would like your oppinion on the two controllers [comparison between CME's and M-Audio's].
    I haven't got the chance to try either of them but, based only on features and design [and the fact I already have M-Audio gear - Audiophile192 & Studiophile DX4], I'd go for M-Audio's.

    I need an 88 key controller mainly for piano playing so the quality & feelling [though this is subjective] of the keys should decide in favour of one or another. Are there major differences between these keyboards [the keys]?
    Please reply if you tryed both (or/and another controller in the same price range).


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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    The CME keyboards were in heavy use at NAMM this year. Everyone I talked to seemed to really like them. I like the placement of the faders on the one I was using which was the UF7 model. We also had a UF8 which played quite well. Many exhibitors were using these to show their products. Didn't see too many M-Audio units.

    I'll probably pickup the UF7 for myself as I need a semi-weighted board for my studio.

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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    Thanks. I gotta try the UF8! but 'till then can anyone compare(/rate) this keyboard (feeling only) to, say, Yamaha's Clavinova series? I know this sounds kindda stupid, but if you were to give it a grade from 1 to 10 (10 being the Clavinova) would it pass 4?

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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    I believe that the new M-Audio boards are not in full production yet - that's why none were in use during NAMM. I used the UF8 at NAMM and thought it was pretty nice. I use a Kurzweil MIDIBoard at home and find the UF8 to be its equal in terms of feel. CME is also coming out with a line of keyboards (VX, I think) that will allow you to add things like audio interface and motorized phantom faders to make is a complete front end to a DAW system - seems pretty cool.
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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    If it's as important to you as it is with me, the MAudio unit has no aftertouch, and the CME does !!..... The VF series CME will be really happening with moving faders !!...I can't think of any other keyboard that has them....I've played the UF8 and it seems to be very solid ...It has a similar keyboard to my Kurzweil K2500XS that I use for my studio controller ...I will end up getting the VF8 when it comes out for gigiging ....Jim

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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    Hmmm - I'm not entirely sure that all M-Audio controllers are without aftertouch - will have to check on that.
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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    I believe the Pro 88 is the keyboard in question here ....I'm not sure about other M Audio keyboards , but here are a few revieiws of the Pro 88


    BTW....How do you like your FW-1884 ?.....Thanks, Jim

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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    I'm doing a film mix with the FW 1884 as we speak (well - I'm taking a break to do a video render right now) and loving every minute of it. I'd say "I wouldn't trade it for the world" but I think it would be more accurate to say "I wouldn't trade for anything twice its price".

    As far as the M-Audio keyboards go - I was looking at and thinking about the Axiom keyboards, which look really nice for the price. Although, I see that they don't have an 88-key version. I'm definitely waiting for the latest CME boards, though, as the idea of replacing the Kurzweil controller and TASCAM interface is an enticing thought.
    Houston Haynes - Titan Line Music

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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    Maybe someone can point me to some reviews (or forum threads) of CME UF8... The ones of KSPro88 I think I red them all (including the posts from harmony-central and other forums).

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    Re: CME UF8 vs M-Audio KeyStationPro88

    I use the UF8, have had it for roughly 6 months,I plugged it in, turned it on and haven't really thought about it since! I like the touch!

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