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Topic: GPO ... on your phone?

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    GPO ... on your phone?

    Here is an interesting mobile device: Syntrax.

    It has all the modern musician wants when away from the studio! A sequencer, sound synthesis and sample editor all wrapped up in a nice little package! Imagine - 8 stereo channels, sample playback, a soft synth, a sample editor (!), MIDI support, realtime filters etc etc. ON A MOBILE PHONE!

    Syntrax runs on Symbian devices as well as the PocketPC. Syntrax is the first and only professional music package for the mobile phone.Syntrax runs on PocketPCs as well Symbian compliant phones from Sony, Motorola, Nokia (over 60 devices supported).

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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    Cool! Wouldn't mind having that on my PocketPC... if I had a PocketPC.

    I also like how their website uses Mambo
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    Thumbs up Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    Neat! I agree with Sean. ... What did you say?

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    I've taken a few of my cues and made mp3 ringtones out of them. This is *much* cooler... time for a phone upgrade.

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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    This is what we call "convergence".

    Eventually guitarists are going to run all their stomp box pedals and signal processing on a cell phone attached to the belt or the guitar strap (which will wirelessly send the audio to the PA).

    College music students will do all their music theory and composition exercises in class on their cell phones (with GPO of course) and in the practice room they'll use the phone for "music minus one" and the phone will intelligently follow their phrasing and timing, like MakeMusic's SmartMusic today.

    And of course the cell phone will be useful for recording lectures and taking audio notes--if they can build in a good directional microphone. This would also be excellent for reporters/journalists.

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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    On my phone, for heaven's sake?

    I still haven't figured out how turn mine on (I usually bang it on the wall until it lights up) -- and I need a Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass to see all those fool little buttons that festoon the damn thing and that you need an ant-eater's tongue to operate...

    Maybe I'll pass on this... lol.


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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    That... is a trip. I'm one of those philistines who refuses to own a cell phone. But, GPO and a sequencer on a PDA with some headphones would rock for things like having flashes of inspiration in places where you waste a lot of time, like doctor's offices, checkout lines, or even at home. Wow.

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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    hmmm. link not working. Not that I can get this anyway - but it sounds really cool.

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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    Cool! Wouldn't mind having that on my PocketPC... if I had a PocketPC.
    There are a few other decent sequencing programs for PPC as well, like Phoenix Studio and Griff. But I think the Palm and PPC are going to be obsolete in another year or two once everything can be done just as well on a cell phone, which is practically the case already. And then, of course, will come the tri-corder, to make everything else obsolete.
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    Re: GPO ... on your phone?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin
    Cool! Wouldn't mind having that on my PocketPC... if I had a PocketPC.

    I also like how their website uses Mambo
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