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Topic: Anyone use a guitar for MIDI input?

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    Anyone use a guitar for MIDI input?

    I'm trying to use my guitar witha GR-30 for MIDI input and having (at best) mixed results. If anyobe else has tried or doesw this, I'd MUCH appreciate it if you qwould share your know-how, experience etc.


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    Re: Anyone use a guitar for MIDI input?

    Quote Originally Posted by Robertcomposer
    I'm trying to use my guitar witha GR-30 for MIDI input and having (at best) mixed results. If anyobe else has tried or doesw this, I'd MUCH appreciate it if you qwould share your know-how, experience etc.

    I've tried for 20 years using every midi guitar setup that I knew existed and still no satisfaction.
    Then one day I read this forum thread - http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewto...bc0f430f83ded6

    Since then I've owned my "toy" Yamaha EZ-AG and implemented these programs and scripts, I ]'m having fun enetering my midi info into Sonar.

    That forum's thread is 50+ pages long....so here are some hints -
    Yamaha EZ-AG ($200+/-) ( int speaker off and set to ext clock),
    midi out to PC midi interface,
    use one of the two programs mentioned in the thread (setup for your needs),
    a virtual midi cable app,
    input to your sequencer!

    The left hand taps buttons (pull offs & hammer ons)- feels like a pc keyboard.
    The right hand can pluck strings ( open strings muted or unmuted)
    or the right hand can tap the fretboard
    or the right hand can relax,control sequencer, grab coffee...
    Also, I use my left foot for an expression pedal ( from my keyboard input) routed within the program script for CC1 and velocity level.
    My right foot operates the sustain pedal.
    Bosco Adama

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    Re: Anyone use a guitar for MIDI input?

    Yeah, another EZ-guitar user (and developer!) here. Good stuff. Check out my site for a video of me playing GPO solo violin with it.

    - m
    Free MFX and other plugins: http://www.TenCrazy.com/
    Markleford's music: http://www.markleford.com/music/

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    Re: Anyone use a guitar for MIDI input?

    Ah, guitar as controller...

    like many others here (and elsewhere) I've spent a great deal of effort over the last (wow, that many) nearly 30 years trying to get guitars to make decidedly un-guitar sounds.

    This has included such things as the eBow (which I still use), the Gizmotron, pedal steel, Chapman Stick, and of course, guitar synthesizers, starting with the Korg MS-20 and ARP 2600, and continuing through the 360 Systems Spectre the Roland GR300 and GR700, the IVL Pitchrider 7000, and the Yamaha G10.

    After all that, here's what I've figured out...

    It's fun, and if you are willing to accept the fact that you are no longer playing a guitar (the Yamaha takes that to the extreme, maybe even sublime), you can get some really spectacular results!

    For the most part I limit my guitar driven synth work two two cateogories - playing monophonic lines or just throwing out all the rules. I can't really describe the later, so I'll just mention a few things about the former.

    For some things, for example a flute or trumpet, that are by their nature monophonic, I find pretty much any of my present controllers to be more than adequate. The biggest thing is thinking like a person that might play the instrument in question. For violin, I usually retune the guitar controller so that the string relationships are the same as the violin, and again, it's mostly about thinking like a fiddle player.

    My primary interface is the IVL Pitchrider. It works really well, and I don't find too many things it won't track. You do have to keep in mind that the lowest notes do take longer to "recognize" than higher notes, but for a lot of instruments that doesn't pose a problem.

    Sometimes I still drag out the G-10. Tracking is about as close to flawless as I can imagine, but I really dislike the instrument itself. Must be the shape, or the neck, or the six strings all the same guage and out of tune with eachother. I don't know. But dang, it tracks everything!

    There are some basics that seem to apply to all controllers.

    The first, at the risk of being repetitive, is to remember that you are no longer playing guitar - you are using a guitar like controller to play other sounds.

    The second is that the picking hand technique is very important. Most modern pitch-to-MIDI converters are using a variety of tricks to figure out the pitch before the first cycle completes, and that means that the attack is critical. Each note should be picked cleanly, with a real effort to avoid over emphasising the attack. Attacks are notoriously noisey, and you want to minimize the noise.

    The third thing would be the fretting hand, d'oh! Keep in mind that there is this poor little computer trying to make sense of what you are playing, and just play clean. That does not mean slow, just clean! The thing that gets me in trouble is vibrato... I've spent most of my adult life cultivating my vibrato, and now I have to undo it??? UGH!

    Well, that's two cents worth<G>....

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